Try and buy


  • Want to try server, storage, networking or appliances before you decide whether to buy it?
  • Need to be 100% sure about your investment in a new enterprise IT system?
  • Looking to familiarise yourself with new technology without taking any major risks?
  • Can’t get your vendor to agree to try and buy?
  • Want to use a test case to convince management about your future investment?


Nowadays when it comes to software or licences, try and buy has become quite common. That makes perfect sense. After all, seeing is believing – you want to try a solution first to see whether it meets your needs. But try and buy is more difficult to arrange when it comes to server, storage or network hardware. If the equipment doesn’t satisfy the customer’s needs and the customer returns it, opened and used, it can no longer be sold through the regular channels. Fortunately we are able to facilitate try and buy by offering hardware for rent.

Be sure about your investment – try and buy

Rental partner of leading vendors such as Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM | More than €15 million of rental hardware in stock | Customised try and buy solutions | European market leader in rental of enterprise IT systems

“A smart, sustainable investment decision for the long term is not something to be taken lightly.”


  • IT-services
    Want to keep your IT environment up-and-running during a migration? Or need to reduce the risk of downtime during the migration? In that case you can rent a technological bypass, extra back-up or a temporary identical IT environment.
  • Demo
    No doubt you’ve already spent lots of time investigating the theoretical and technological possibilities offered by the systems on the market.
  • Proof of concept
    With a Proof of Concept (PoC), you can explore the possibilities that technology offers and, with the aid of a use case, assess whether systems match your organization’s unique IT profile.
  • Financial services
    IRENT Financial Services makes it possible to hire flexible capacity on a temporary basis for server, storage and/or networking hardware. You pay a fixed monthly fee for this service. Looking for maximum flexibility without any unexpected costs?
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24 hours stocks more than €15 million in IT infrastructure. Here’s a small selection of what we have available: 5+ petabytes of high-performance drives, 5000+ cores, 250+ servers and 40+ terabytes of memory.


We offer IT infrastructure in the form of OPEX solutions for periods ranging from a week to several years. We give you the flexibility to upscale or even downscale as you require.

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solutions worldwide

We have more than 20 years experience in the rapid delivery of server, storage and network infrastructure solutions all over the world.

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On workdays we can offer you a customised quote within 2 hours, including a recommendation on the hardware and configuration that would suit your needs.